We are the Singapore Geophysics Project in the Center for Offshore Research and Engineering with applications in petroleum, civil, and environmental industry.

The research program is anchored on the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at National University of Singapore.


Elita Li has received the J. Clarence Karcher Award 2018, in recognition of her contributions to intergrated subsurface model building as a young geophysicist, by Society of Exploration Geophysicists.

Elita Li's paper on Anisotropic model building from logs in vertical wells was ranked the Top Presentations presented at the SEG Annual Meeting in Houston, 2017.

Joseph Ma's poster on Fracture characterization by fluid-flow measurements has won the Honorable Mention Award for the best student poster at the 4th International Workshop on Rock Physics in Trondheim, Norway 2017. For a happy picture of Joseph, click here.

Elita Li's paper on Integrated VTI model building has won the Honorable Mention Award for the Best Paper in Geophysics in 2016.

Research interests

The reserach group is broadly interested in exploration and environmental geophysics, which includes but not limited to:

  • Seismic wave simulation
  • Seismic inversion for structural imaging
  • Subsurface characterization with deterministic and stochastic methods
  • Data integration among geophysics, rock-physics, and hydrology
  • Seismic monitoring for reservoir and civil purposes
  • Digital signal and image processing

Opportunities to work with the interdisciplinary Petroleum Engineering and Geoscience group as postdocs, graduate students, and summer interns. Details see Openings.