23 - 26 April 2019, Hong Kong SAR


About 5IWRP

The main aim of the workshop is to demonstrate and discuss progress in measurement, modeling, and inversion of rock physics, with an emphasis on multi-physics and the stress-dependency of different physical properties. Theoretical developments, laboratory experiments and digital simulations will be covered for all applications, from resource characterization to CO2 storage. The workshop offers a potential for linking these branches together.

The following broad themes will be covered at the 5th IWRP:

  • Anisotropic rock physics
  • Elastic and flow behavior of fractures and their characterizations
  • Static-dynamic behavior of rocks and geomechanics
  • Digital rocks and their applications
  • Role of machine learning in rock physics modelling and their applications
We seek papers covering the above topics, and will also consider papers with more general rock physics themes.

In keeping with the spirit of prior workshops, registration fees will be kept low and participation will be limited to around 100 participants. Limited student discounts will be available.


5IWRP Conference Team Email: 5iwrp2019@gmail.com