Weekly group meeting (Location: E1-06-15)

Speaker Rotation List

  • Elita Li
  • Jizhong Yang
  • Gang Fang
  • Enhedelihai
  • Sean Hon
  • Joseph Ma
  • Bei Li
  • Nan You
  • Ahmed Zidan
  • Huaigu Tang
  • Yumin Zhao

Volunteer Speakers

  • Arthur Cheng
  • Hon Chung Lau
  • Yunhuo Zhang
  • Haizhao Yang

Seminar Philosophy

  • Seminar should be 20 minutes long leaving 5 minutes for discussions, two speakers per meeting.
  • Seminar is to train students for SEG/EAGE conference presentations.
  • Group seminars can be informal and incomplete.
  • Discussions and questions are encouraged during the talk.

Seminar Policy

  • Late fee: S$2 for students, S$10 for Ph.D. degree holders.
  • Noshow fee: S$10 for students, S$20 for Ph.D. degree holders.
  • Missing label fee: S$0.25 per missing label or title.
  • No title fee: S$4 for seminar title not posted on calendar two days before presentation.
Fines go to the Friday Beer & Icecream Club.